We have seen that it is in the interest of the students, the teachers and the school as a whole that the School Rules and Regulations should be observed. To be able to observe the School Rules and Regulations, it is very important that the students should know the rules and regulations clearly. On entering a school, a student must obtain a copy of the School Rules and Regulations and study them very closely. In some schools, copies of the School Rules and Regulations Where the copies are not available new students can still know the rules from what old students, their teachers and the Principal tell them in the same manner in which the ordinary citizen knows the law. Most citicens never read the laws of the nation. But they get to know the laws by what others tell them and obey the laws all the same. In any case, it must be admitted that the ideal thing is for the new student to have a copy of the School’s Rules and 20 Regulations to enable him get acquainted with them quickly. In schools, the new students are assigned to senior students charged with the responsibility of teaching them the some who are School Rules and Regulations. At the end of a given period the new students are tested to ensure that they have mastered the Rules and Regulations before they them. It is when the new students get to know the Rules and Regulations and start to obey them that they become full and proper members of the School. It is when all the students observe
the Rules and Regulations of the school that you have a good school where there is discipline. But in a school where some of the students do not obey the School Rules and Reulations, indiscipline becomes the order of the day.


Perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to a young boy or girl is for him or her to attend a school where there is no discipline. In such a school, the students set aside the School Rules and Regulations and do what they like and leave undone what they are expected to do. In such a school there is no order or system. Such a school is like a state or country where law and order have broken down. It must be remembered that the School Authority, that is the Principal and the staff are the people who make the School Rules and Regulations for the smooth running of
the school. If the Rules and Regulations are not obeyed, it means
the students do not want to obey their Principals and their teachers. No teacher will be happy to do his best for a student who cannot obey him. As a matter of fact, in a school where
there is no discipline, the atmosphere is not conducive for either the teacher or the student to do his best. The teacher spends a great deal of his time and energy trying to correct and punish the students for their acts of indiscipline. A case arising from the
violation of School Rules and Regulations may require an investigation. The investigation may take hours or even days before the truth will be ascertained. After such investigation, those who are found guilty will have to be punished. During the time the teachers were conducting the investigation, they cannot teach effectively since they have to give their time, energy and attention to complete the investigation. Also during the time the students are serving the punishment that may arise from the investigation, they cannot study effectively. Thus violation of the School Rules and Regulations leads to the obstruction of the smooth and the orderly functioning of the School system.

It must be remembered that when there is indiscipline in a school it is not only the bad students who suffer for it. Both the bad students and the good students as well as the teachers
suffer. This is so because as soon as any violation of the School Rules takes away the time and the attention of the teachers, all the students who would have benefitted from the teachers at that time are at a loss.

The teachers themselves are at a great loss because they would not be as productive as they would like to be. This can lead to their being dissatisfied and unhappy with their job thus causing frustration which is capable of leading to a degeneration in the personality and even character of the teacher.

This is one of the reasons why many teachers who started their work with a high sense of devotion to duty later develop a nonchalant or care-free attitude towards their work. Once they develop such an attitude to their work, they cannot be of much use to their students or to themselves or to the school. So the loss is wide spread. Indiscipline in a school can do as much damage
as that.


From what we have seen, it has become clear that there is need to fight against indiscipline. Every student whether good or bad should take part in the fight against indicipline. The Principal and the teachers must equally stand firmly to fight indiscipline.

Indiscipline in a students who are involved in acts of indiscipline. It is a matter that affects the good name of the school as a whole. Thus it
affects the good name of all the students as well as the teachers
although it affects the students more than it affects the teachers.
The good name of the school affects the students more because many years after they have left the school, when they are considered for any post or appointment or when people want to
know what kind of education and up-bringing they must have got,
the kind of school they attended will play a major role in influencing
people’s opinion about them. If it is a school that is notorious for indiscipline, people will tend to look down on any person who attended such a school. If it is a school with a good reputation for discipline, people will tend to respect and have a high opinion of those who attended that school.

In this modern world of competition
a candidate from a school with a reputation for discipline stands a
better chance of being selected for appointment or any post of
responsibility or honour than a candidate from a school without discipline.

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