How to clear the airtime you borrowed from MTN

Hello folks, there is another trap to clear your obligation or clear all the cash you obtained from mtn with only a token of just #50. This has been tried and affirmed 100% working. This is another mtn broadcast appointment Cheat 2019, crisp and proficient to clear mtn acquired.

The most effective method to Clear Your Obligation On MTN With the expectation of complimentary Utilizing MTN Broadcast appointment Cheat 2019

1. Move To MTN Mpulse

Above all else, you need to move to MTN mpulse by dailing *344 *1# , then select 1.

2. Create Your Mpulse Stick

To do this, dail *344#, SELECT oprion 5 , then SELECT 8. Info the accompanying subtleties underneath;

* SIM Subtleties

* Your NAME

* Date of Birth and others

You should now get your self-care Stick , which is the stick sent to your MTN Line in the wake of presenting the subtleties above and enlisting.

3. Youngster Number

In conclusion, Include Tyke Number and Blessing 50 Naira to the line that is owing.

Note: The Youngster NUMBER is the number that has been utilized to acquire the broadcast appointment, and oneself consideration is the stick sent to your MTN SIM in the wake of enlisting in Stage 2.

It would be ideal if you Note, the subsequent line must be on Mpulse.

Declaimer: In spite of the fact that this trap has been affirmed 100% working, if it’s not too much trouble utilize this trap at your ouwn hazard, Olexhome won’t be considered mindful on the off chance that it goes sideways.

4. Include Youngster Number

The MTN short code is to effectively include Youngster Number and clear your obligation is


At that point input the quantity of the SIM you need to clear its obligation, that is the Youngster Number.

That is it, appreciate it while it last since I feel it may not keep going well before its blocked. The aggregate of 50 will b deducted for each cleared obligation.

This is the most recent Mtn Broadcast appointment Cheat 2019 to clear any measure of broadcast appointment obtained.

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