In addition, the certificate or testimonial which the student
is going to take away from the school at the end of his course will bear the name of the school he attended. He is going to carry this certificate with him all his life. If the school has a bad reputation as a result of indiscipline, he will have to carry this bad reputation with him all his life. The same thing is true if the school has a good reputation. The man who attended such a school with a good
reputation will always be proud and happy to mention the name of the school he attended because he knows that people will respect him for it.
It can therefore be seen that the fight against indiscipline is a very important task for every student. It must be noted that if every student behaves as he is expected to behave and does what he is expected to do, there willl be no indiscipline in the
school. Why there is indiscipline in a school is because some students take it upon themselves to break the School Rules and regulations. Other students who do not violate the School Rules do something which is equally as bad. They encourage those who break the School Rules by not reporting them, with the result that
offenders are not detected and punished. They get away with as many acts of indiscipline as possible. This encourages more students to join them and the school begins to degenerate.


Take for instance the issue of noise making in the classroom. It is often only a few students who start noise making in the class-room. If the monitor does not check them or if nobody reports the noise makers when the teacher arrives in the class,
they are therefore encouraged to continue to make more noise as soon as the teacher leaves the class and soon more students join the noise makers and the good students who want to read their books are disturbed. Neither the good students nor the noise makers can do any useful work in such a noisy class. The whole students in the class are therefore made by the noise makers to waste their time. If the habit continues throughout the term, all the students in the class will tend to perform poorly in their examinations. Every student who encourages or helps or connives at acts of indiscipline by his fellow students is doing a great deal of harm to himself, his fellow students and the school as a whole.

He is helping to damage the good name of the school. Students will not break School Rules and Regulations if they know that other students will make a report against them which will lead to their being punished. This means that it is the attitude of those
students who do not break School Rules that determines whether there will be discipline in the school or not. If they go on with the attitude of not reporting the offenders, they are encouraging indiscipline in the school and also doing a great deal of harm to
lves because they will eventually find that indiscipline in the school will take away a great deal of their valuable time for studies. Instead of doing useful work like teaching or organising other school activities the Principal and the teachers will spend
their time settling cases or investigating cases of indiscipline or
punishing students.

Thus we have seen that when there is indiscipline in the school, such indiscipline has several serious adverse effects on the School.

In the first place, indiscipline damages the good name of school. A school where there is indiscipline is bound to have a bad reputation. It is indeed dangerous to attend a school with a bad reputation. However good you may be people see you as a product of a school of indiscipline.

In the second place, indiscipline in a school militates against good academic standards since indiscipline creates an atmosphere that is not conducive to effective teaching and learning. In a school where there is indiscipline the students do not do well in their examinations.

Thirdly, when there is indiscipline in a school, responsible families will not like to send their children to such schools and bright children will not choose such a school in their common
Entrance Examination. The result is that only students of very poor quality will attend such a school. This helps to lower the standard of the school the more.

Fourthly, indiscipline in a school prevents the school from achieving the objectives for which it was founded. Every school is founded to impart knowledge, skills and develop the character of the students so that they will become efficient, reliable and useful citizens at the end of their school career. A school where there is
indiscipline cannot achieve these objectives. Having known the
danger of indiscipline in order to improve upon the image and the good name of the school it is necessary to know exactly what we shall be fighting against. I have therefore listed a number of common habits among students which are signs of indiscipline in a school.

It is interesting to note that it takes less than five minutes for a careful observer who visits a school to know whether there is discipline or not in the school.

The signs of indiscipline in a school
are not difficult to detect


1. Untidy School Premises:
Perhaps the first sign of indiscipline which an observant visitor notices in a school is the general state of untidiness in the school. The major paths and the main entrance to such a school are not properly swept and kept clean. The play fields and lawns
are full of weeds. The school premises is littered with pieces of paper. There are cobwebs here and there in the school buildings including even the Principal’s office. The classrooms, the dining hall and the dormitories are all dirty. There are no flowers to
beautify the school; where there are a few flowers, they are no properly looked after. There is no recognised place for dumping dirt. As a result the students dump dirt anywhere in the school premises.
As the saying goes, “A thing of beauty is a thing of joy for ever”. An ugly and dirty school premises is the very opposite of what a school premises should be. The school is dirty because
the students have failed to do what they are expected to do. The teachers are not expected to sweep and clean the school, although the teachers are expected to direct the students to keep the school clean. A dirty and an ugly school premises is a sure sign that the students and possibly some staff are not living up to their responsibility. To keep the school clean and beautiful, the work has to be carefully shared out and thoroughly and constant supervised by the prefects or senior students and some staff.

Every good student should help the prefects to see to it that those students who want to give the school a bad name by leaving their work undone are brought to book and educated to do the duty to the school if they are to expect the school to do its towards them. The task of keeping the school clean and beautiful is a task that requires the forming of good habits on the part of every student in the school such as the habit of not throwing pieces of paper about and the habit of sweeping or clearing one’s portion and taking part in planting flowers and taking care of such flowers planted to beautify the school. It is a task that requires
the joint efforts of every student in the school.

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