School Trends: On Entering Secondary School
School Trends: On Entering Secondary School


indeed entering school is a most important event in the life of every student. this chapter does not elaborate on the time when the child enters school for the first time at the age of six
years or thereabout. no doubt, entering a primary school is a land-
mark in the life of the child, but at this stage the child is so much of
a tool in the hands of the teacher and the parents that it was
considered necessary to leave out much of it in order to
concentrate on his entry to a secondary school when he has
reached the age when he can personally benefit from reading this


School Discipline: The Outsider
School Discipline: The Outsider

While you were in the primary school, you were an outsider to the secondary school. As an outsider, you were merely admiring and imagining some of the things that go on in the secondary
school. On entering the secondary school, you become an insider in the secondary school. As the outside of every building is different from the inside, so it is with a secondary school.

On entering the school, you will find that many things are different from what you have imagined. There is no doubt you might have seen your entering a secondary school as a
making progress in your academic work. You therefore naturally expect to look big and important on entering the secondary school.

This is the area where you are
disappointment on entering a secondary school. You should in any case not be disappointed. It is a stage in life, and every stage in life has its beginning. You are at the beginning of a new stage in life and so you will find that other students have gone through that beginning stage before you. You will suddenly find that in the
secondary school, you belong to the most junior class in the school class one. All the students in the other classes are senior to you and as they are young people like you, they are proud that they are senior to you. Next year, you too will feel proud to find that you are also senior to some students. It is a natural feeling.


School Discipline: Disciple
School Discipline: Discipline

One important thing in a secondary school is discipline. The boys and girls in the secondary school are growing big, strong and each one is becoming
personal interest and his/her rights and privileges. Under such conditions, it is just necessary that there should be an
system of deciding J.S.S. II student is regarded S.S. III student is regarded
S.S.II. more aware of his/her orderly
on who comes before whom. This is why a J.S.S II student is regarded as senior to a J.S.S. I student and S.S III Student is regarded as senior to all the students in S.S II.

You may find a small boy who is only eleven years old in J.S.S. II; inspite of his small stature and tender age, he is a senior student to a big boy who is thirteen years old but in J.S.S. I. This is the fundamental order of school discipline.

Of all the knowledge which a student goes to the school to acquire, the most important lesson which a good student
takes away from school is discipline. If the student is brilliant in his academic work, but if he is not disciplined, all his years in the secondary school are regarded as wasted because he has
missed the most important lesson which every good school teaches to its students.


School Discipline: Obedience
School Discipline: Obedience

Obedience is the bed-rock of school discipline. Every student is expected to obey the Principal, the teachers and the
prefects who form the main part of the constituted authority of the school. Similarly, students are expected to obey their seniors for the smooth running of the school.


School Discipline: School Rules And Regulations
School Discipline: School Rules And Regulations

A school is a small community of its own. For things to run smoothly, there must be a system of ensuring that
there is law and order in the school so that there may be peace and harmony and an atmosphere where the rights,
freedom of the staff and students are
clearly known and respected. The instruments for maintaining the orderly system of doing this are the School Rules and Regulations. The School Rules and Regulations are the Laws of the school. Every country has its own Laws made for the protection of the citizens and all the people living in the
country. It is unfortunate that human beings enough to be able to respect fully the rights of other people without quarrelling and fighting among themselves, without taking other people’s property, without misusing public offices, funds and property. If there were no laws, prisons or murderers and armed robbers will do whatever they like to innocent and decent people and get away with it. In such a society nobody will like to remain innocent and decent and allow himself and his family to suffer at the hands of evil doers. Everybody will go about armed and there will be a rule of “might is right”. Such a society will be in chaos and life and property will no
avoid such anarchy that we have laws, policemen, courts and

As has been shown earlier, a school is a small community of its own. There has to be order, peace, and quiet to enable the teachers teach and the students learn. It is only when there is
peace and order that the school can perform its task well and run smoothly.

It is to ensure that there is order in the school that every school has its own School Rules and Regulations just as every country has its own laws. The Rules and the Regulations are made to help the school, that is, to help the teachers and the students work and study in an orderly and peaceful atmosphere.

The Rules and Regulations are meant to be obeyed for the good of the students and the teachers. If the students do not obey the Rules and Regulations of the schools then the Rules and Regulations will not serve the purpose for which they were set up. Such a school where the Rules are not obeyed will exist as if there were no Rules and Regulations. There will be no order and peace in such a school. Where the students obey the Rules and Regulations, we say there is discipline in such a school. Where the students fail to obey the Rules and Regulations, there is indiscipline in such a school. Thus any student who obeys the School Rules and Regulations is promoting the discipline and good name of his school.
Any student who fails to obey the School Rules and Regulations is destroying discipline and the good name of the school. By his own action, a student decides which of these two kinds of students he is either he is a student who helps to keep discipline and preserve the good name of the school or a student who helps to break the discipline of the school and to destroy the good name of the school. My dear student, you should choose which of these two types of student you would like to be.

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