Smoking And Drinking

Smoking and the taking of strong drinks or alcoholic drinks are not usually allowed for students in secondary schools. In spite of this fact some students indulge themselves in smoking and drinking. School authorities know that smoking and drinking are not good for students in secondary schools in particular and for all students in general. For students who have not yet started to earn money, to start to spend the little amount they are given on smoking and drinking is most unwise. Money is a scare commodity and one must form the habit of spending money wisely. The school is the place to form proper habits for life. Money spent on smoking is money wasted particularly as smoking does not contribute
anything good to one’s health. As a matter of fact medical science has come out openly to declare very categorically that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking causes cancer and it has been established that every stick of cigarette taken, reduces the smoker’s life by six minutes. It has also been proved that smokers are more prone to suffer from high blood pressure than non-smokers.
Apart from the danger to health, any student who smokes is bound to run into trouble for various reasons. In the first place such a student will be violating the school rules and regulations which wisely forbid students to smoke. A habit which leads to the breaking of school discipline is certainly not a good habit. Another reason why students must not smoke is because it leads to the spending of the student’s money on the wrong thing at the expense of the good things for which he should have spent the money.

Very often money given to such a student for his school equipment such as books is diverted to buying cigarettes. Another danger in smoking is that it soon become such a powerful habit that the smoker cannot do without smoking. In order to have the money to spend on this bad habit, the student who smokes gets involved in
other very harmful habits or telling lies, deceit and cheating because he cannot openly ask his parents or guardians to give him money for smoking. A student who tells lies, cheats, and deceives his parents will eventually exhibit his dishonest practices of telling lies, cheating and deceit to other people. Such a student has an unreliable character and nobody can trust him. There is nothing as bad as that if a human being cannot be trusted, he is not better than a thief.

The habit of drinking has the same harmful effect as smoking on a student. When students begin to drink at an early age when they should not be drinking they tend to drink excessively any time they find enough drinks. This often leads to drunkness.

Excessive drinking also endangers the health of the drunkard. The student who is fond of drinking also spends money given to his school equipment on drinks. There have been cases where students spent their school fees on drinks. As in smoking the
student has to tell lies, deceive and cheat his parents in order to find money to satisfy his habit of drinking. As in smoking his dishonest practice weaknes the student’s character. A student with a weak character is a source of danger both to himself, to the school and even to the society.

Breaking Bounds

For a school to be able to perform its duties efficiently there is the need to control the movement of the students in and out of the school premises. Thus it is essential that during lesson period all the students should not only be in the school premises. they should actually be in their individual classes. This is to ensure that they are all present in the class while the teacher teaches. Similarly the students are expected to be but witnin the school premises during the long break. This is to enable them to be in a position to move to their classes for lessons as soon as the bell for the end of the long break is rung. But in spite of all these arrangements one still find students who break bounds.


One thing that is generally not fully known by students is the fact that the school rules and regulations are made in the interest and for the guidance and protection of the students. who breaks the school rules and regulations deprives himself of the benefit, guidance and protection which the rules and regulations are expected to give to the students. the issue of breaking bounds. The school authorities have seen that it is in the interest of the student that he should obtain permission before he leaves the school premises.

There are several reasons for this. In the first place, if the students are free to leave the school premises any times they like, many will like to avoid any difficult lesson or any lesson they do not like by going out of the school premises at that time. Some will even miss the lessons for a whole day by being out of the school without the school authority knowing. Secondly, by controlling the movement of the students, the teachers are able to save the students’ valuable time that could have been wasted in going out of the school premises to the town. For instance, a student who knows that his housemaster will not permit him to go out of the school premises during lesson period is bound to wait until lessons are over before he asks for permission to leave the school premises A student who knows that his housemaster will net allow him to go out of the school premises more than once or twice in one week will so arrange his movements to comply with the school regulations instead of going to the town almost everyday of the week for one reason or the other He is compelled to plan his movements so that he will have to go to the town only once in the week since he knows that his housemaster will not even allow him to go to the town twice in one week. Much of his valuable time wasted in going to town every day in the week is thus saved
in the interest of his studies.

Thirdly, there is yet another very important reason why it is necessary to control and regulate the movement of students. The school authority regulates and controls the movement of students in order to be able to account for their safety. In these days when accidents are so common it is in the interest of the student that the less he moves up and down the streets in the town, the less are his chances of being involved in accidents. By controlling their movements, the school gets to know the where about of the students and so is in a position to give an account of the number of students present in the school and the number of students who have been permitted to go out of the school premises.
If for instance there is an accident in the c0stern part of the town, say at 10a.m., the Principal of the school by looking through
his records will be able to say that only four students have been permitted to go to the General Hospital in the central part of the
town. Thus it is clear that the control of the movement of the students is of immense value in ensuring that students do not lose
their lessons; it prevents the wasting of student’s time and it gives protection and security to the students. It also enables the
school to have accurate records of the movement of the students.

Fourthly, by regulating the movement of students the school is teaching the students a very valuable lesson of self-control.
Students who would have been roaming the streets or going to Film shows have to regulate their interest in these activities in
order to make better use of their time. By learning self control the Students are being prepared for the demands of adult life.

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