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School Discipline: The Application Of The Rules And Regulations
School Discipline: The Application Of The Rules And Regulations


Experience has shown that there is always a serious threat to the discipline of a school if the Rules and Regulations are wrongly applied or if they are neglected by both the staff and the students.

In all schools, it is the senior students particularly the prefects and officers who have to help the teachers to enforce the Rules and Regulations. Where the prefects themselves show that they value the School Rules and Regulations by obeying them and applying them with sense of justice or impartiality, the majority of the students tend to obey the Rules and Regulations. Unfortunately, the greatest problems with the application of the School Rules and Regulations originate from the senior students or prefects because of their wrong attitude to the Rules and Regulations.
Their actions seem to show that they think that the School Rules and Regulations are meant to be obeyed by only the junior students.

For instance, they absent themselves from school or go late to school activities; they wear assorted dresses instead of the school uniform, they leave the school premises without obtaining permission from the Housemaster, they punish some students and leave unpunished others who commit the same offence. Quite often the Rules and Regulations that are meant to guarantee peace and order in the school are converted by senior students and prefects to be instruments of terror, oppression and
victimisation. In many schools, junior students live in fear and are constantly under torture at the hands of the senior students. Like in any society or nation, there can be no harmony, peace, order or discipline in a school where some people are above the law or School Rules and Regulations, where those in authority prey on the weak and where the School Rules and Regulations are not applied to give protection to all the students, particularly to the junior students.

If the School Rules and Regulations are to achieve the purpose for which they were set up, the senior students and the prefects who are going to enforce them must be students who, in spite of their seniority and their high offices, are humble and disciplined enough to set a good example by obeying the School Rules and Regulations themselves. Once, by acts of self-discipline, the prefects and the senior students compel themselves to obey the School Rules and Regulations, they will have no
securing the co-operation of the junior students in observing the Rules. In observing the School Rules and Regulations, every student has a very important role to play. We have seen that it is the attitude of the prefects and the senior students that decides whether the School Rules will be obeyed or not. So every student help in ensuring that the senior students and the prefects are not encouraged to develop a wrong attitude towards the School Rules and Regulations. This can be done in serveral ways:-

No junior student should allow a prefect or senior student to use him to break the School Rules.

For example, the following
conversation between a prefect and a junior student named Okoh shows how even a J.S.S. I student can politely correct a senior student:-

PREFECT: Okoh, please, come and help me buy a loaf of bread across the road;

OKOH: I would have loved to help you but for what the Housemaster said when he was talking to us about the School Rules and Regulations he said that we must not go across the road to buy anything without his permission.
You see Prefect, he is not around now to give me the permission.

PREFECT: That’s it he is not around and that is the more reason why you should go and buy the bread for me. He is not around – he will not know that you walked across the road.

OKOH: You know Prefect that there are over eight hundred students in this school. Before I walk across the road and come back at least ten students will see me. One of them may
report to the Housemaster when he comes Besides, you know that our Housemaster has his own way of finding out anything that happened in the school during his absence.

PREFECT: He will not find out just go and buy the bread for me and do not waste my time.

OKOH: Just in case he finds out, would you like me to tell him that you asked me to go across the road?

PREFECT: No, you mustn’t tell him so.

OKOH: Prefect, I am really afraid about running this type of errand which violates the School Rules and Regulations. It may lead to my being suspended or expelled from the school
or being counted among the bad students who are destroying the good name of the School. Prefect, you are also telling me by your insisting that I should go because the Housemaster is not at home, that as you asked me to be sweeping this dormitory daily, I should not sweet it any day you are
not in the School. You are saying that any time you are not around, I should do what you asked me not to do and leave undone what you asked me to do. Well, Prefect, if you want me to be suspended or expelled from the School, or if you want me to carry out your instructions only when you are
present and disobey you whenever you are absent, you should let me know now in plain

PREFECT: I really do not want you to be expelled or suspended. Nor do I want you to disobey me as soon as my back is turned. I think we should forget about the bread.

OKOH: Thank you Prefect. This shows that you are very considerate and kind.

By Okoh’s attitude, he has revealed many things which many students do not know namely:-

1. That the School Rules and Regulations are not to be obeyed only when a teacher or a around and violated when they are absent;
2. That even a junior student by being polite, firm and reasonable, can correct a senior student who wants to break the School Rules and Regulations;
3. That senior students are human beings like the junior students. They should be respected by the junior
students but not feared. Senior students will not be wolves if junior students do not allow themselves to be sheep.



“Law is intelligence, whose natural function is to command right conduct and forbid wrong-doing.

“Wise men, though all laws are abolished, would lead the same lives”.
– Aristophanca.

“Justice is the constant desire and effort to render to every man his due”

– Justinian.

“Because men do not fortify Justice, they justify force”
– Blaise Pascal.

The administration of Justice is the firmest pillar of Government”
– George Washington.

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