We have been discussing this matter as if the school and home is always functioning properly. As a matter of fact, it is sometimes in bad hands and sometimes, it does not just exist. It
has been shown that children learn from their parents by copying them. As parents are human beings, they too have some weaknesses. Many parents have bad habits which they unwittingly pass on to their children. The father who is given to excessive
drinking or smoking, for example, will find it difficult to convince
his children to avoid drinking and smoking. The mother who is
always picking quarrels with her husband or other people is bound
to bring up children who are quarrelsome. Idle and lazy parents
tend to bring up idle and lazy children. Parents who lead immoral
lives have the tendency to pass on their immorality to their children.

It is true that a lot of the dishonesty in our country today is what the children learnt from their parents, adults and their friends who also learnt dishonesty from their parents, and other adults. When parents have bad habits which they pass on to their children, school at home ceases to be a good school.

The school has failed to give the right lesson to the children, Happily, however all is lost when the school at home has failed. A good student ca
emerge from such homes where the school at home teaches wrong lessons.

It is said that God created man in His own image. This is the major difference between a human being and an animal. Every human being has been given the power to know what is good and what is bad. By the time a child is six years old, he will know that it is wrong to steal. He will know this even if his parents are
thieves. His mind will tell him that what his parents are doing is wrong. I knew an infant who was always crying any time his parents were quarrelling.

There was another boy who would refuse his meals any time his parents engage in quarrelling and fighting.
An eight-year-old girl would sneak out and run to a nearby church to worship even after his pagan parents had told her that they would kill her if she ever went to the church again. They later got hold of her, tied her to a tree in the forest for wild beasts to kill
her. But a hunter later appeared instead of a wild beast and set
her free. She ran away from the neighbourhood to live the rest of
her life with Christians.

The point being made here is that the good student should
stand firmly against practising what his mind tells him is wrong even if his own parents or teachers are doing such a wrong thing. If you are caught stealing, the magistrate will not set you free because you learnt it from your parents. It is so with every bad
habit. You were created in God’s image to employ the spirit of Good
in you. This spirit of God is in the mind of every human being Some people call it the silent voice within; others call it conscience.

When the school in the home, or formal school fails, your conscience is good enough to guide you provided you will listen to its silent voice. The people who do the wrong things have refused to listen to the silent voice within. Any time you want to do a wrong thing, like stealing or telling a lie, the silent voice tells you within your mind that stealing or telling a lie is bad. If you go by the advice of
your conscience, you will not commit the offence of stealing or telling a lie. This is because before you ever commit the offence, your conscience will tell you that what you are about to do or say is wrong. That is the time when you can stop doing or saying it
People ruin or endanger their lives and the lives of others when they fail to listen to the silent voice within them.

This is why it is said that a man’s best judge is his conscience. Once your
conscience finds you guilty, even if the public or the magistrate does not find you guilty, you are still guilty before your very self and before God. On the other hand, if the public or the law court says you are guilty and your conscience is clear that you did not
commit the offence for which you are declared guilty, you will remain innocent before your good self and before God. Under such a situation, there is always the consolation that one day the truth will come to light. Experience has shown that the truth can be covered up for some time; but it cannot be covered up all the time. It must come to light one day.


Conscience is God’s presence in man. – Emmanuel Swedenborg.

The kind of life a person leads is usually determined by how loud
the volume control is set on his conscience. -Dan Bennett.

Conscience warns us as a friend before it punishes us as a judge.

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